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    The BookStore is finally coming!

    BookReader will have its own BookStore! You can to connect to the major internet BookStore catalogues, browse it, search book by authors, genre, titles and download it directly to BookReader or to Downloads folder!

    BookStore screenshot

    BookStore will be available as a part of BookReader, and also as a standalone product on MAS.

    Please Note: the screenshot above is a Beta version of the BookStore, it’s yet under work and could be changed.

    Any suggestions and wishes are welcome! Thank you.



    New iBooks-like theme for BookShelf



    Text Highlights & Annotations ARE HERE!! Version 4.5 has these great features!!

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    I apologize for not knowing where to contact you, I checked around the website but see no contact page or email. I bought BookReader off the App Store, I experience a couple of problems at least as far as I have noticed. First, it isn’t possible to add covers.. I highlight the book I wish to add cover to & I get the pop up asking if I want to go through with it, but the cover don’t show. Second, when I click to open a book itĀ opens up in Macs very own “Preview”, so I don’t even see the “book”. I hope you can help me, I really wish to use it. Merry Christmas, Emmy.



    Hi Emmy,

    – please verify that you’re dragging an image file, and not a picture from your browser. Dragging a picture from the browser means dragging an URL, not a file.
    – PDF documents are partially supported, and will be opened with system viewer ( This is the only limitation for that format.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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