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BookShelf is a personal e-books database and organiser.

Please Note: It is not a book reading software, it is a BookShelf organiser.

BookShelf is a powerful tool for managing and organizing your entire library. And it easily fits in any room in your house! It has a simple intuitive user interface that allows you to easily organize your books and enter, modify and memorize added information, including multiple tags and genres for optimal organization.


  • kinklee says:

    Hi Lymes,
    Its been a while. I have a question. Is there a way to make a genre folder that is actionable in Bookshelf2. Lets say I have 30 3D modeling books and I buy a new one. Instead of having to add that manually couls the folder I put it into be a hot folder that will auto add to my database. I collect a lot of college papers and this would be a very handy feature.
    regards and still enjoying the product

  • kinklee says:

    One other Question. How do I upgrade to ver2.1?

  • John says:

    I’d love to buy your app, but I can’t stand the Apple store and the data it collects on you. I absolutely refuse to shop there. Is there another way I can buy your app? Thanks!

  • Anakin says:

    Great app, however it seems to have a problem with Yosemite. When I first dragged the pdf files it opens them up by double clicking on the image but when I restart the app there is no way to open the pdf files. This is not the case with Mavericks. Is there Yosemite patch? Also it would be nice to support djvu files.

  • Jacco says:

    Nice app, no doubt about that. One thing I do not understand is how to use the rating possibility. I can not elect that possibility. An explanation or solution would help me a lot!!

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